Blockdaemon Supports Base Testnet at Launch

Base is an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) network, offering a secure, low-cost, developer-friendly way to build dApps onchain. Built by Coinbase, the project is set to offer seamless Coinbase product integrations, with access to 108m users and $100B+ assets in the Coinbase ecosystem. Through our API suite, we open Base up to a large, engaged community of builders and users.

Start building on the Base testnet with Blockdaemon and stay tuned for the mainnet launch in the months ahead.

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Blockdaemon provides flexible pricing that stays competitive as your business scales.  

High-performance networks need high-performance hardware. Blockdaemon Solana nodes are optimized to ensure the best performance in the industry.

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Huge thanks to all the folks that debugged these issues over the last 48 hours.  
@leolukde @CertusOne @buffalu__ @BlockdaemonHQ @triton_one @ShinobiSystems @Neodyme and the folks at solana labs who didn't sleep for 48 hours.

See how Blockdaemon helped restore Solana’s high-speed network.

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How Blockdaemon Supports Base

Blockdaemon’s support of Base via Ubiquity, starting March 1, provides institutional level offerings for mission critical infrastructure that scales with your business. 

Our Ubiquity Data API suite is a powerful and flexible suite of blockchain APIs that allows users to query blockchain data and broadcast transactions across a variety of blockchains — all without operating or managing nodes.

Blockdaemon offers a complete platform for building blockchain applications, which now includes Base support. We provide customers with a powerful set of tools that enable them to outsource key infrastructure tasks, like server management and monitoring.

Solana Node Tech Details

Solana Staking Rewards

Launch a Solana Node

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Minimum tokens required to delegate

0.01 SOL

Warm up period

2 days (Chain dependent)

Epoch duration

~60 hours

Unbonding period

2 days (Chain dependent)

APY (Estimated)


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* Note: Rate limit set at 15 requests per second

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Ubiquity Data API suite is more robust than self-hosting nodes in 3 main ways:

Operational Efficiency: 
Immediate access to high quality blockchain data without the need to operate or self-host infrastructure.


The Ubiquity Data API suite includes REST, RPC Access, NFT API and other specialized API’s with up to 10 API keys provisioned on API Gateway.


On-demand Ubiquity access to 22 protocols, dedicated sales, 99% uptime, technical support and 24/7 on-call incidence support.

Blockdaemon connects businesses to blockchain with one integration.

When you choose Blockdaemon, you benefit from 4 layers of risk mitigation, full regulatory compliance, robust KYC/AML policies, guaranteed uptimes, ISO 27001 certification, 24/365 monitoring, and on-chain behavioral indicators. All maintained by a battle-tested engineering team.

We are the infrastructure provider of choice for enterprise companies and financial institutions who require guaranteed uptime.

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