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Blockdaemon & StakeWise Liquid Staking Solution

Liquidity is the lifeblood of Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem. Blockdaemon and StakeWise are building an institutional-grade liquid staking solution that is fully compliant, & allows institutions to earn yields on staked tokens.

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Institutional Liquidity Solution


Fully Compliant

A suitable option for institutions has been unavailable up until now. KYC / AML is a mandatory requirement for financial institutions. However it doesn’t exist in the liquid staking solutions currently on the market.

DeFi Yield

This product will allow institutions to earn staking rewards on their staked tokens. They will also be able to unstake on demand and earn additional yields in DeFi. This delivers greater capital efficiency.

Value-Added Service

Liquid staking is attractive to both institutions and their customers. It is a valuable staking-as-a-service. It also avoids exit queues. Such a service could be offered to an institution’s customers, as a value-add.

Institutional Liquidity Solution

Additional Yield: Utilize your staked assets in permissioned DeFi & increase your returns

Compliance: KYC/AML-based liquid staking solution for institutional customers

Robust Liquidity: Enter or exit a staked position instantly